Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I make multiple accounts with Faucteer licenses?

A: NO. Please do not multi account as all accounts found doing so will be deleted and their funds seized.



A: This site acts as a seed node and faucet for the STEEM network.


Q: How can I get FREE STEEM every hour?

A: Create an account and purchase a 30-day Fauceteer subscription and get paid hourly STEEM.


Q: I have a problem or question.. Who do I talk to?

A: This site is owned and operated by @KLYE … He’s generally lurking in chat.. Or use the contact form on main page.


Q: The countdown timer rolled past 0 but my STEEM didn’t get paid, What gives?

A: Unfortunately the timer is only an approximation and may vary significantly from actual payout time.