STEEM.GLOBAL v2.0.0 Under Construction!

After the untimely demise of the original a new version is currently being built to facilitate the spread of STEEM and her token. Hopefully will have the site operational within the next few days to a week..!

– @klye

6 thoughts on “STEEM.GLOBAL v2.0.0 Under Construction!

  1. Daniel Reply

    I don’t know if your keeping this website up2date but I will folow you on steem I just started 48hours ago and already made good profit for the small amount of $ I invested originally but anyhow.. I wanted to say that its a good idea to upgrade the websites interface platform becuz it kinda looks old and boring and kind of hard to navigate at first and we neeD to be able to have a easier/simplier way to make our post look better N stuff without all the codes anyways thanks @Deez

    • Maliyah Reply

      Love this, C would def have a blast with this concept. Replace ER's &quuo;blue&qott; for "pink" and It hink her and C would have the same

  2. JesusCoins Reply

    Im pissed because I opened an account months ago and haven’t been able to access it… I deposited funds into as well and I think this is a great idea… But who is running this site?

    • KLYE Post authorReply

      What’s your account name? Had some issues with the wallet lately but am trying to sort things out.

  3. nicnicy Reply

    Hey @klye looking forward to the new !
    I am on steemit as interested in Altcoins and trading in general but mostly in programming. looking forward to the new site !

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